Why PP hollow sheet is better than solid sheet

- Dec 26, 2018-

colorful hollow plastic sheets

PP plastic hollow sheet in many areas can be used as a board, wood, aluminum, glass board and other board replacement products, this is because of the PP hollow sheet material properties, PP plastic hollow sheet is better than soloid sheet. So PP plastic hollow sheet and solid plate compared to what are the advantages? Here's a list:

1. Mechanical properties are better than solid plates

Pp hollow sheet special structure, so that it has a good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, shock absorber, high stiffness, good bending and other excellent mechanical properties, these mechanical properties are corrugated, honeycomb cardboard can not reach.

2, with anti-static, conductive function

The hollow plastic sheet can be made antistatic or conductive by means of modification, mixing and surface spraying.

3. Stable chemical properties

It can be waterproof, moisture-proof, worm-proof and corrosion-proof, and has obvious advantages over corrugated paper, honeycomb paper and wood board.

4. Less pollution and reusable manufacturing process

Although it is difficult to degrade, the comprehensive environmental protection effect has obvious advantages in the whole process from raw materials to manufacturing and use.

5. It is lighter and more economical than solid board

Hollow sheet uses plastic corrugated board to consume less material, low cost, light weight.

6. Better heat insulation and sound insulation than solid plate

Pp plastic hollow sheet has a hollow structure, so that its heat transfer, sound transmission effect is significantly lower than the solid plastic plate, so it has a good heat insulation, sound insulation function.

7, hollow plate processing time is shorter

Excessive wall thickness will extend the molding time, according to the calculation, the wall thickness increased by 1 times, the cooling time increased by 4 times. The method of improving the mechanical strength of plastic hollow plate is changed from increasing the wall thickness to thin wall combination, which improves the processing efficiency.


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