Why more people using corrugated sheet for exhibition stands

- Aug 12, 2018-

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I believe that many customers see the exhibition racks in the shopping mall or some other places, which are made of polypropylene  hollow sheets. Many people will ask, what is good for the hollow sheets and why are they made of them? Actually very simple, below is small make up for everybody collect a few benefit that make exhibition stand with hollow board, believed to see these to be able to understand, make exhibition stand still hollow board good!

1. advertising effect

The hollow panel display stand has very strong advertising value. In the terminal market, the hollow plate display stand is mainly to display the product elegant demeanor, attracting the consumer's attention. In order to achieve the purpose of sales promotion, even to achieve high sales of products, become a tool for product promotion. If marketing is a language art, then use media to spread information, that is visual art! And the medium that can transmit visual information to consumer most directly is the display rack that contains advertisement property. The surface of the hollow plate display rack can be designed to conform to the product personality of the text and advertising slogan. The printing on the hollow plate display rack is exquisite, showing the charm of commodities and playing the target of attracting people. In other words, the advertising efficiency of the hollow panel display stand, the publicity of the hollow panel display stand can build the enterprise brand at the terminal, improve the enterprise image and create high sales volume.


2. Price advantage

In terms of the value of the display rack of the middle empty plate, its value is equal or better than that of similar metal exhibition rack, wooden exhibition rack and plexiglass exhibition rack. However, the cost of the hollow plate after quantification is far lower than that of similar tools. The trend of the goods updated quickly! The tools to load them are also updated. So the flexibility of hollow plate display frame, also appeared, show paper wearing has individual character extremely, it can be made to order according to the product, protean ride is agile, collocation is clever. Also, with the permission of the technology, we can print all kinds of patterns as required, create new styles of products, and have great freedom. You'll save even more money.


Enterprise products need to do terminal display when. In the selection of similar display equipment, the hollow plate display rack is the smallest, lightest, detachable and folding, and several complete sets of paper shelves can be installed in the same box to ensure the convenience of the store installation. On freight, it has incomparable advantages. The display rack with the hollow plate is placed in the standard container, which can make the most use of space without causing space waste, saving logistics cost, reducing the damage caused by collision caused by irregularity, and ensuring the integrity and beauty of each product. In addition, it shortens the time of product launch, reduces the cost and improves the market competitiveness of the product. It provides a complete set of marketing plans for merchants to retain customers with easy and convenient services. On warehouse need not say, appropriate is put appropriate move.

4. the environmental protection

Hollow plate is in line with the international environmental protection group requirements, is a green environmental protection products. The disused display rack can be recycled and reused through the recovery of solute slurry. Adapt to the international trend, import and export free of inspection, simplified procedures.

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