Which molds the hollow sheet manufacturers need

- Jul 04, 2018-

The pp hollow sheet for logisyics 01We all know that to make a product, you have to have a design and a mold. Of course, hollow board is the same, hollow board is a new type of environmental protection plate, the material is Polypropylene, or PE, hollow structure. The color is rich and can be customized according to customers' requirement. It is oil hollow plate extruder extrusion molding machine. An essential tool for hollow panel production is the hollow panel mould, which is similar to the injection mold. The difference is that the injection mold can only produce one kind of shape product, and the hollow panel mould is universal. A set of molds can be used for hollow plates with a thickness of 2-6mm, and a set of 6-10mm. Relatively speaking, hollow plate production is more convenient, no frequent replacement of mold. It's also quite convenient to make.

Now in circulation hollow board partition, and corrugated board box is how to make, and corrugated plate manufacturers now will say late processing process, such as to make hollow plate products, also need a mould, is hollow partition mold. Put it on the top of the beer machine and out of the shape of hollow plate. The hollow plate cutter is made of blade and board. Although the number of knife die, but the production is simple, less cost. Usually the hollow panel manufacturer will make their own knife die. Juyuan plastic has such strength.

Corrugated board manufacturers use hollow plate is more than two kinds of moulds, basically meet the current hollow plate production, perhaps in the near future, the development of better insulating plate mold, can improve the quality of hollow plate production and efficiency.


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