What reason hollow board have inhomogeneity

- Jan 19, 2019-

PP hollow board is now widely used in many industries, but there are some customers reported that they buy PP hollow board, PP hollow board will appear some color is not uniform, some also exist white spots, that is what is going on? Professional PP hollow board manufacturers are increasing to give you the reason for analysis:

1.there is undesirable businessman in the process of production in order to save the cost of adding too much recycled material, because the recycled material contains some impurities, so lead to produce PP hollow board will appear uneven color, like this kind of products we growing PP hollow board manufacturer is absolutely won't production, because the quality and quality has been the most concerned about our growing, resolute don't tolerate for the unqualified products, after several times of test only to provide the best quality products to customers.

2.cause uneven color with white spots, because manufacturers lose control over the production environment during the production, such as uneven mixing materials, the temperature can not meet the requirements, not regular sampling, etc, this product can only say that this factory production management level is low, we in line with the industry's growing conscience, has never made such a bad product with white spots.

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