What is pp hollow board

- May 02, 2019-

The polypropylene hollow sheet is a polypropylene raw material blended with polyethylene raw material and extruded through a hollow board production line. The cross section of the sheet material is a lattice shape, so it is also called a lattice hollow board.

    In foreign countries, there is also a double wall plate (TwinWall Polypropylene Sheet), which is called more in China, such as: plastic hollow board, plastic hollow board, Wantong board, PP hollow board, also called honeycomb board, which are related to people. The usage habits are related. The color of PP hollow board is rich and varied, and the thickness is also adjustable. For example, the thickness of PP hollow board of “Keile hollow board” brand is in the range of (2-8mm), and the thickness of sheet in some factories abroad can reach 12mm.

    The material of the PP hollow board determines its non-toxic, non-polluting, corrosion-resistant, waterproof and shock-proof properties. Some factories can blend flame retardant masterbatch into flame retardant hollow board according to different requirements, and apply to outdoor billboards with high fire protection requirements, such as Christmas articles, air drying place; blending anti-UV masterbatch Aging, UV-resistant PP hollow board, and applied to the construction of greenhouse roof; in the domestic application of packaging products in the factory, including ordinary PP hollow board, anti-static PP hollow board (surface impedance range of 10 9 - 11th power Ω), anti-static PP hollow board (surface impedance range between 10 and 6-9 Ω), conductive hollow board (surface impedance range between 10 and 3-5 square Ω), after A series of post-processes can form anti-static hollow board turnover box, anti-static hollow board knife card, conductive hollow board turnover box, conductive hollow board knife card.

    PP hollow board is a new type of environmentally-friendly packaging material. It does not generate dust during use and has a long service life. It is 4-10 times longer than the life of corrugated board. It can be recycled and has a tendency to gradually replace paper corrugated board. Mainly reflected in the product packaging. In addition, due to the light weight of the PP hollow plate, good toughness, flexible size and low relative cost, the PP hollow plate turnover box equipped with various accessories has the momentum to replace the injection turnover box.

In summary, PP hollow board applications are as follows:

1,Industrial product packaging turnover: electronic component packaging turnover box, plastic parts turnover box, box partition knife card, anti-static hollow board turnover box, conductive hollow board turnover box.

2, luggage handbags pallet: luggage liner, luggage pad, partition.

3, bottle industry: glass bottle factory pad, bottle holder, canned product separator, tank tray, pad.

4. Machinery industry: machine cushion plate.

5, advertising industry: PP hollow board display box, display stand, advertising board, corona board.

6, home decoration: ceiling, grille, bathroom partition,

7, furniture industry: coffee table pad, furniture decorative board.

8. Agriculture: various fruit boxes, vegetable crates, pesticide crates, food crates, beverage crates, greenhouse roofs.

9, stylistic products: smart blackboard, file bag.

10, the automotive industry: steering wheel pad, rear partition, pad.

11, electrical industry: refrigerator washing machine back, partition.

12, baby products: baby carriage pad, children's intelligent hurdles.

PP hollow board is widely used, and the application field is continuously infiltrated. At present, only about 50% has been developed, and there are still many fields to be developed.

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