What is flame-retardant pp corrugated sheet

- Jan 05, 2019-

flame-retardant pp corrugated sheet

The disadvantage of general plastic hollow board products is flammable.

And it will produce smoke or harmful gases when combustion

It adopts the aerobic index as an evaluation of the combustion performance of plastic products. The higher the oxygen index, the more oxygen is needed to maintain the equilibrium combustion, and the more difficult the material is to burn. The oxygen index of polypropylene corrugated sheet is 17.5, so it is necessary to increase the oxygen index by adding fire retardant to meet the higher requirement of flame-retardant.

So what is fire retardant?

Fire proofing agent is divided into two kinds, one is the added type of fire proofing agent, the other is the reactive type of fireproofing agent, more commonly used is the added type of fireproofing agent, pp hollow sheet is also this method.

Additive fire retardant is in the plastic product ingredients to add some inorganic class fire retardant.

Reactive fire retardant is the reactive type of fire retardant added to the polymer or prepolymer, chemical combination, become a part of the resin composition, at the same time give the polymer itself fire performance

Fire-proof hollow sheet has fire resistance, because of the addition of fire agent, fire agent is the application of fire prevention technology in real life, it is a kind of special chemical agent used to improve the combustion performance of flammable materials, widely used in the fire processing of all kinds of packaging materials. The hollow sheet processed by fire proof can effectively prevent, delay or stop the spread of flame when attacked by external fire source, so as to achieve the function of fire prevention.

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