Usage and cleaning method of pp corrugated board

- Dec 07, 2018-

PP Plastic Corflute sheet yard sign

Daily pp corrugated board use and cleaning methods, generally speaking, the surface if there is dust, or dirty attachment, only need to use water to clean it, you can use a lot of water, or high-pressure water gun and other direct erosion on the surface, so you can clean most of the residual dirty.


If still have stubborn besmear to stick to do not go, the surface that can use diluted scour to be swabbed gently in corrugated board next, here should notice had better not use hard brush, should use soft cloth to undertake repeating wipe however, such ability is able to remove dirty while won't harm surface layer again and again.


Finally, you can check the board surface, see whether there are dirt and impurities on the corrugated board, if you have to ensure that all clean, finally only need to use water, wash clean, you can clean up, to pay attention to is used to clean the water had better not exceed 40 degrees, the temperature is too high easy to damage the surface paint.


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