Three effective methods for identifying the old material doped with plastic hollow plates

- Jul 23, 2018-

1. The plastic Hollow Board with thick and straight rib is of good quality, while the plastic Hollow board with thin rib is marked with poor quality.custom colorful waterproof polypropylene hollow sheet.jpg

2. As a result, more and more producers now choose the co-extrusion UV layer (UV layer) hollow panel. Nowadays a lot of produce the commodity that business flaunts oneself all crowded UV layer together, prevent mist droplet layer to be able to distinguish ultraviolet ray from oneself is the key factor that causes sheet material to break out ageing. But whether the UV layer can really carry forward the effect of the consumer base can not be investigated. The UV layer of good plastic hollow board cannot be measured only by thickness, but also by the uniform level of its co-extrusion. To the market to present some substrates did not add any UV data but to fake the appearance of the co-extrusion UV layer Hollow Plate.

3. If there are black spots or crystal spots on the hollow plate, it is indicated that there are a lot of impurities in it, mainly to see whether there are impurities in the hollow plate. The more impurity there is, the more old material there is. A good plastic hollow board must be clean and transparent. By investigating the fluidity of the molten liquid of hollow plate, the quality of the material used can be distinguished. Because the chain of the carbonate resin is long, repeated high temperature melting will damage its molecular structure, from large molecules to small ones. The old material is melted at high temperature from the beginning, and its molecular chain will crack, and then the fluidity is added. So, in theory, the better the fluidity of the melt, the worse its quality. Although this method is simple in theory, it is still difficult to operate. Users who do not have the testing conditions can send hollow plate materials to professional organization for inspection.



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4)CIF port name  as CIF Dubai


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