The UV color printing of corrugated plate

- Aug 31, 2018-

Hollow plate UV full color printing

By irradiating ultraviolet light, the ink can instantly harden and solidify on the material, so it can be printed on various materials such as plastic and polycarbonate plates.

In the past, screen printing was used to print, because of the need to make printing plate, so printing costs are often higher. Hollow plate UV full-color printing, can be through a large printer, in the conditions of no plate plastic hollow plate printing.

1. Photo images, translucent and tonal printing can also be performed!

Use UV ink in 5 colors to create a beautiful and vibrant painting effect. Also supports translucent and tonal printing! Can achieve resolution up to 600dp vivid printing effect. Even tiny text of dust can be printed smoothly and clearly. Color deviation may occur when screen printing is used for multicolor printing, but UV inkjet printers can print works as you wish without worrying about the number of colors.

2. Also supported on demand printing without printing plate!

You can print a variety of colors and tints such as your desired painting effect! And, no matter how many colors are used, it's the same price! Ink-jet printers do not require a printing plate, so even small batch printing, such as sample production, will not incur printing costs.

3. Serial number printing and correction printing can be carried out!

Print directly according to the data, which can be output in small batches. In addition, because it is able to change text, image, serial number, etc. according to each page for printing, it is most suitable for large exhibition by store name and use when you want to print serial number on boxes. In addition, the ink can be instantly dry, so short delivery can be achieved.

4. All kinds of materials can be printed under 40mm directly!

Support various materials with thickness below 40mm. In addition to plastic hollow plate, also can have the material of concavo-convex on the surface, metal material, wood material and so on each kind of material is printed directly. Because it is direct printing, so improve the output of the overall sense of work and existence! For printed materials, please feel free to consult.

It comes with white ink! Can be plastic hollow board color printing!

The hollow plate can be used for combined printing of CMYK4 basic colors + white ink. For household printers, the white part is the color of the paper, so when printing dark materials and transparent materials, it is often impossible to show white. However, for UV inkjet printers, because they can output "white", they can either use "white" as the background color or combine with CMYK basic color to achieve various performance effects. Because of this, even the black hollow board, translucent board, can be graphically printed.


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