The useful of polypropylene hollow sheet

- Sep 11, 2018-

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1. The insulation materials can be used to build the greenhouse. As most of the greenhouse's covering materials are made of glass or other materials with poor insulation performance, the heat in the greenhouse is easy to be lost. While the healthy growth of flowers, fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse needs a large amount of energy to maintain, the high light transmittance and the selective transmission of ultraviolet rays through the hollow plate provide superior growth conditions for many high-grade flowers, which are free from the invasion of cold air to make the flowers more colorful. Therefore, people began to use this new alternative material instead of glass, which is a new trend of energy saving greenhouse.

2. It can be used as bottle holder. The use of hollow plate with bottle holder is a relatively common product, which is used in various industries of transportation. It can fix the products to be transported firmly on it, and can reduce the product bumps in the transportation, and prevent the product from being damaged, especially various glass and ceramic products.

3. Various turnover boxes can be made. It can be used not only as tool box, logistics box, but also as sealed container, fruit box, product box, etc., which not only effectively protects the product, but also can be waterproof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof and perfect protection.

4. Make knife CARDS. Transportation is one of the most used industries. This is not only because it is waterproof, not easy to be affected by damp, corrosion-resistant, shockproof and other functions, in the transport in addition to the bottle holder, there are also a variety of specifications. In the transport process, it is easy to collide, thus easy to be damaged, scratch products, if so, can play a barrier role. In addition, the partition of the product stratified barrier, to achieve the purpose of layer-layer protection.

5. Floor protective plates can also be made to effectively protect the ground from pollution and damage.

6. It can be used as advertisement board, display box, display box and display rack. After corona or special discharge treatment, it is easy to be colored, colorful and bright, with distinct layers, and the effect is very good.

7. It can be used for children's toys, such as children's car mat board and children's intelligent hurdling, etc. The hollow plate has good shock absorption


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