The proportion of polypropylene hollow sheet

- Oct 23, 2018-

4mm factory price polypropylene hollow sheet

There are three types of raw materials:

1. If it is a virgin material, it is a hollow sheet made of pure raw material.

2. The hollow sheet manufacturer of proportioning materials generally refers to the proportion of raw materials and fillers, and the prices of different proportions are different.

3. There is also a kind of corruagted sheet manufacturer of poor quality made of recycled materials in the market, whose price is very low. Customers are generally not recommended to buy it, and the quality cannot be guaranteed.


Any inquiry,please kindly provide us the follow details:

1. Size of sheet(Length*width*thicikness)

2. Density/Weight(GSM)

3. Color

4. Will be highly appreciated if you can enclose your sample or pictures or drawing.


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