The pp hollow turnover box carrying capacity

- Dec 25, 2018-

pp hollow turnover box

The carrying capacity of the corruagted plastic turnover box depends largely on its raw materials and assembly accessories, different products in the usage of the turnover box need to consider different materials, size, hardness and other factors, today we will introduce the requirements of the carrying capacity of the pp hollow plastic turnover box.

1. Requirements for permanent deformation and winding curvature of hollow turnover box: the state regulations stipulate that the maximum winding curvature is 30mm, but because storage or turnover needs long-term or circular use of turnover box, so we generally make the shelf winding curvature requirements of about 20mm.

2. Dynamic load refers to the maximum weight that can be lifted at one time by using electric forklift or manual hydraulic turnover box. General shelf turnover box can bear 1.5t-2t, standard turnover box can bear 1T, ultra-light turnover box dynamic load 0.5t.

3.Shelf load refers to the maximum allowable weight of goods packed in the hollow turnover box on the shelf. We must pay attention to the difference between dynamic load, static load, shelf load and vertical load.

Hollow board boxes made of different materials have different carrying capacities. The hollow board of brand-new makings makes the result can be much better, also firm and durable


Any inquiry of pp corrugated turnover box,please kindly provide us the follow details:

1. Size of box(Length*width*height)

2. Thickness and Density/Weight(GSM)

3. Color  

4. Usage

5. Will be highly appreciated if you can enclose your sample or pictures or drawing.


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