The pp hollow sheet strcture intrduction

- May 15, 2018-

There are many kinds of hollow boards. The following is a brief introduction to the commonly used boards.2-12 MM Colorful hollow sheet.jpg

1. Corrugated structure, the market also has double honeycomb panels, its compressive strength, bending strength and other comprehensive performance is superior, it will be the most used in the market later.

Both inside and outside can be used

For internal lining: the thickness is generally less than 5mm, and the weight is less than 1200g.

For large plastic box: thickness is above 10mm (12mm), gram weight is 3000~3500g.


2.H structure, the market and the curved "H structure" like "S", the H structure is the most common sheet in the market, mainly used for inner and hollow sheet box, with a lot of thickness between 2~7mm, usually in 300~1800g (according to the actual design requirements and thickness).

3.M structure,and the market also has a "double M" structure (like Chinese character  "Mi"). This structure is mostly used in the outer box, the thickness is above 10mm (about 12mm), and the weight is around 3000g


4.X type structure, this structure is mostly used for outer box, the thickness is above 10mm (12mm), and the weight is around 3000g.


5. Board of other structures


6. Supplementary knowledge

As the surface of the plate is hard and easily rubbed down, in many cases in the packaging design, the cushioning material (such as EVA, EPE, flannelette, nonwoven fabric, etc.) will be overlaid on the surface of the hollow plate.


7. Main outer box structure (small and medium box)  Large box (plastic box )


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