The items of pp corrugated divide sheets

- Jan 02, 2019-

green corrugated divider

1. Common hollow board divide sheet. It is mainly used as the inner packing material of the turnover box, which is simple and convenient and can effectively prevent the extrusion and collision between articles. The color, size and thickness can be reasonably customized according to the needs of customers' products.

2. even divide sheet. It can be made into ordinary, anti-static, conductive three kinds of material, and the difference between the ordinary hollow knife card is that the bottom edge with the structure of the pocket, can make the sheet material is not easy to fall off, more in precision machinery, electronics, hardware parts turnover transport use.

3. coated divided sheet. The surface of knife clip can stick EVA, foam, flannelette and other shockproof materials to achieve better protection of goods, with the advantages of green environmental protection and recycling.

4. anti-static divide sheet. It is mainly used in the products or workshops with high requirements for electrostatic protection, which can effectively remove the electrostatic hazards, waterproof, moisture-proof, wear-resistant, corrosion resistant, anti-friction, shock absorption, and play a role in buffering and protecting the products.


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4. Usage

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