The importance of sealing hollow sheets

- Jul 03, 2018-

pp corrugated layer pad

Need to consider when choosing a hollow board many indicators, for example, the packaging on the light, gas cut off, the size of the tip clearance space, the packing cost, the cost of transportation, storage, use convenience, materials, environmental protection and so on. The tightness determines the quality of hollow plate in food storage.

Key factors influencing the sealing performance of hollow plate

Practical experience has shown that temperature is a key factor affecting the sealing performance of plastic hollow plates in manufacturing and subsequent storage and transportation. On the one hand, for already completed hollow board material, environment temperature still has influence on the sealing, because the current widespread use of hollow board material is composite membrane, some even by three or more types of polymers, metals, paper composite material of material, its thermal performance and different materials often differ.

Corrugated board manufacturer in detecting hollow board material sealing environment should be considered when the effects of the temperature changes, it is necessary for sealing test samples of temperature control, and realize the actual testing at a specific temperature.

The sealing property of the hollow plastic plate is a comprehensive reflection of whether the selected materials match each other and the selected packaging form in terms of mechanical properties, thermal properties and optical properties. External force, temperature changes, such as optical radiation can directly affect the sealing of plastic hollow board, and there are some factors may not have a direct impact to its, but will cause the decrease of strength of materials, heat sealing layer seepage problems such as poor color fastness and material additive, which will affect the sealing of packaging materials.

Corrugated board manufacturers must pay attention to each influence factor for different forms of packaging and packaging materials produced by the specific influence, to analyze each influence factor on the actual effect of sealing plastic hollow board, will greatly increase the workload and cost of test, so we in the actual detection can all influence factors are taken into account.


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