The function of corrugated plastic turnover box

- Sep 04, 2018-

5mm pp corruagted box.jpg

1. Laying a foundation for logistics standardization and mechanization.

2. The turnover box of hollow plate can pack several pieces of packing materials into unit state, which will reduce the logistics cost of the corresponding multiple and improve the operation efficiency.

3. Using the container as the logistics consolidation unit can promote the smooth logistics operation and speed improvement.

4. More standardized and standardized management operation. The function of the hollow plate turnover box can reduce omissions and errors in the process of logistics and transportation counting.

5. The working conditions and working environment can be improved to avoid repeated reversals in the middle of the process, and the hollow plate turnover box can reduce ineffective labor and achieve the goals of energy conservation, emission reduction, personnel reduction and efficiency improvement.


If you are interested in our corrugated plastic box,please kindly provide us the follow details:

1. Size of box(Length*width*height)  

2.Thickness and Density/Weight(GSM)

3. Color

4. Will be highly appreciated if you can enclose your sample or pictures or drawing.


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