The extrusion resistance factors of plastic box

- Jan 28, 2019-

pp corrugated plastic box

In addition to the design of the plastic box, the extrusion resistance of the hollow  turnover box and the packing box also determines the extrusion resistance of the hollow sheet itself.

There are several factors that determine the extrusion resistance of the central control panel. Here are the factors.

1. Thickness: the thicker the hollow sheet is, the greater the pressure it will bear, and it is not easy to be squeezed and deformed;

2. grams of weight: grams of weight is the hollow sheet in the specified size of the weight, if the same size range, then the weight of the heavier, so the density of the plate is the higher, the bearing capacity is stronger;

3. Formula: the additive combination of plate raw materials is also a very important factor. Different proportion determines the softness, tensile strength and extrusion resistance of hollow sheet.

4, production technology: production technology is also an important factor, the control of good production equipment set parameters, master the changes in the machine, to ensure the quality of hollow sheet stability.

Therefore, the anti-extrusion capacity of the hollow plate turnover box and packing box is determined by the anti-extrusion capacity of the hollow sheet itself and the box design. Select good quality plate through reasonable design scheme, can produce to meet their own needs of the turnover box and packing box. 

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