The effect of cold weather on pp hollow sheet

- Dec 15, 2018-

different thickness pp hollow sheet

The weather has become more and more cold, a lot of plate in the cold weather is very prone to brittle fracture phenomenon. As one of the most important plate materials, PP hollow sheet has a wide range of usages. So, PP corrugated sheet in cold weather, and other plates, will occur brittle fracture phenomenon?


In fact, PP hollow plate has a very good cold resistance, generally in PP plate even in cold weather will not appear brittle break phenomenon.

As a result of PP hollow sheet molding to be far higher than other plates, therefore, in cold weather, will not be because of the crystal freeze in the plate, resulting in PP hollow plate brittle fracture. And PP hollow plate strength and hardness is relatively high, therefore, in the cold weather in winter, PP hollow plate can also be used very well. PP material has a good thermal insulation, therefore, PP hollow plate can also be used as a kind of thermal insulation plate, protect some afraid of cold objects by the winter cold weather.


Thus, PP hollow sheet even in the cold winter, the performance will not be affected by too much, but also can play a greater role.


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