The cause of uneven color on pp hollow sheet

- Dec 19, 2018-

pp corrugated plastic sheets

Hollow sheet has been used in a lot of industry domain at present, but the friend that often contacts hollow board should discover color of some hollow board is differ in depth, exist even white spot, what is the reason that causes color of hollow sheet uneven then?


One, the hollow plate in the production process of cooling speed is not consistent, which will lead to the formation of different shades of color. Therefore, the production process should try to ensure that the parts in the cooling speed remains consistent, like the wall thickness of the more uniform parts, for the material temperature and mold temperature to be effectively controlled. And the wall thickness difference between the larger parts can be used to cover up the color difference by colorant!


Two, resin by impact and become white, hollow plate contains resin raw materials, in the hollow plate material by pressure, processing, cutting off the impact, the impact of the place is easy to become white, this is the reason for the appearance of white spots!


Three, plastic, or stain on the thermal stability is poorer, the proliferation of colorants in adverse phenomenon, this kind of situation will be more easy to cause near the gate of the decorative pattern, etc., in order to guarantee the hollow board is tonal unity, must strictly control the production of fixed conditions, especially the shoes, the material temperature as well as the production cycle, and so on and so forth.


Four, some hollow plate parts modeling is more special, so it will have a certain impact on the plastic filling, filling is not uniform and full will cause different shades of color!

Comprehensive situation, caused by the hollow board color is not the same situation is more caused by the processing process, although this does not affect the use of hollow board, but it will still have a certain impact on the appearance, so the hollow board manufacturers for the process or need to strengthen.


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