The attention matters for corona corrugated sheet

- Jan 24, 2019-

Corflute yard corrugated signs board

Corona hollow board advertising board is a new type of environmental protection advertising decoration materials, long service life, can be recycled, widely used in the advertising industry, in order to ensure the quality of products, we need to pay attention to the production of the board what are the matters?

1. Clean and tidy equipment.To  the hollow sheet production, whether it is the hopper or the cylinder, or the nozzle can not have the presence of other resin, otherwise it will affect its transparency or other properties.

2. Part of the cleaning of grinding tools.because the presence of grease will not only affect the transparency of corona hollow board advertising board, but also increase the cracking of the board, so the mold cavity, flow passage and other parts of the clean before molding.

3 resin particles must be clean.resulting in corona hollow plate advertising board manufacturers in order to prevent electrostatic effect, so that dust adhered to the surface of the particles, and then by the light reactivity will be exposed in the plate, requires attention to do a good job in packaging appearance, surrounding and container cleaning work before opening the packaging.

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