The application of pp hollow plastic sheet

- Jan 08, 2019-

4mm polypropylene corrugated sheet

PP hollow board is a new kind of environment-friendly packaging material, which will not produce dust in the process of use, and has a long service life, which is 4-10 times longer than the life of corrugated board. Because the section is grid shape, so also called grid hollow board, next we will pass the following content, a look at the relevant introduction of pp hollow board.

PP hollow plate color rich variety, thickness is adjustable, pp hollow plate thickness range in (2-12mm), in some foreign factories plate thickness up to 12mm. In addition, due to the PP hollow sheet light weight, good toughness, flexible size, relatively low cost, equipped with a variety of accessories molding PP hollow sheet turnover box has the momentum to replace the injection molding turnover box.

PP hollow sheet has good compressive ability, has the good moistureproof, waterproof performance, ability to have both at the same time the earthquake, relief, the melting point of this product with 150 °, 170 ° have no deformation under high temperature and without external force, and it is the lightest of all plastic products, PP board processing is convenient, can directly according to the needs of the user's processing molding, and facilitating the seal.

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