The application of green material corflute board

- Aug 08, 2018-

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Now whatever is advocated green environmental protection, a lot of things used in life advocate the use of green environmental protection can be reused. In terms of packaging materials, wantong is also a green material, which is different from traditional cardboard, plywood and board. It can be used repeatedly and is non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It also has a wide range of applications, from living to production to construction.


With the emergence of wantong board, the traditional corrugated board and board have been continuously withdrawn from the relevant market, which has been successively used in the packaging industry and logistics industry. At the same time, with the continuous development of technology, the performance of wantong board is more and more and more stable, which can not only meet the use of packaging. Moreover, it is widely used in the construction industry for its shock resistance, static resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. Now a lot of family decorate in can apply it, very welcome everybody.


The application in domestic outfit is like: the sunshade board outside the window, this makes use of its stability, high temperature resistant, quality light performance. Wind and rain do not corrode outdoors. And the choice that has a variety of color, can choose the color that matches with the color of the window, so also good-looking.


Still have temporarily partition in household also can use it, if want to decorate household afresh, get through wall, but cut off a space to be able to use it. Also have toilet condole top can use it. In fact, we use it in many places in the home. Maybe in the absence of a vantone board, we might use paper analysis, board, etc., but none of these are more suitable than a vantone board.


This is the wantong board, and it's used in architecture, but it's also used in other industries. Can be said to be omnipotent universal board

If you are interested in our products,please let us know the following information before quotation:

1) Size (length*width)  as corrugated plastic sheet 2440X1220mm.

2) Thickness and colour as 4mm white color

3) GSM(gram per square meter) which is the most important. as 750GSM

4)CIF port name  as CIF Dubai


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kindly please call me.

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