the advantage of plastic hollow board

- Sep 08, 2018-

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The advantages of plastic hollow board compared with board: because of the hollow structure of plastic hollow board, the heat and sound transmission effect is obviously lower than that of solid board, and it has good heat insulation and sound insulation effect. Modification, mixing, surface spraying and other methods can be used to make the hollow plastic plate have anti-static, conductive, or flame retardant properties. Plastic hollow board can be waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, insect-proof, fumigation compared with cardboard, wood has obvious advantages. Due to the special molding process of the plastic hollow plate, the color can be reached to any color by mixing the color masterbatch, and the surface is smooth and easy to print. The special structure of plastic hollow plate makes it have good toughness, shock resistance, high compressive strength, shock resistance, high hardness, good bending performance and other excellent mechanical properties. The mechanical performance of plastic hollow plate is excellent, and the same effect should be achieved year on year.


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