pp hollow sheet temperature regulation methods

- Jan 03, 2019-

corrugated plastic correx sheet

In the process of using extrusion, stretching and blow molding equipment for plastic hollow sheet, temperature regulation is the key to form. Generally, there are two methods to adjust the mold blank to the appropriate stretching temperature:

1. One method is to cool directly from the extrusion temperature to the stretching temperature. This type of molding machine in the preheating and stretching process of only two stations, so the pre-forming process of intermediate products must be fully and evenly cooled, to achieve a uniform wall temperature distribution.

2. the other method is in the two-step and some one-step production of the molding machine, the precast billet for forced cooling, and then heated up to the tensile temperature for stretching. For polypropylene and other crystalline plastics, the precast slab must be forced to cool down below the crystallization temperature to form crystals, and then heated to stretch at the stretching temperature to rearrange and Orient the crystal structure.

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