Plastic hollow sheet sealing performance

- Dec 17, 2018-

Extruded PP Corrugated Sheet

Why plastic hollow plate sealing performance is particularly important? Because he is the important index that measures plastic hollow board stand or fall, so what does influence sealability factor have?


In order to detect the sealability of plastic hollow sheet, it is necessary to consider the influence brought by the change of ambient temperature. The sealability of plastic hollow board is the comprehensive embodiment of whether the selected materials are matched with each other and the selected packaging forms in mechanical properties, thermal properties and optical properties.


External force action, temperature change, light radiation and so on can directly affect the sealing of plastic hollow plate, in addition to some factors may not have a direct impact on it, but will lead to material strength reduction, thermal sealing layer fastness, material additives seepage and other problems, and then will affect the sealing of packaging materials.


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