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- Nov 15, 2018-

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About Corrugated Plastic Sheets

Regardless of whether it is a coroplast sheet or other products, the service life will be different due to different storage environments and different methods. Therefore, if you want to use the correx sheets products for a long time, we must pay special attention to some methods of use when using them. Damage or corrosion of the pp corrugated sheet due to improper operation or improper maintenance.

For the corrugated plastic sheets, its appearance is a moderately soft and hard packaging material. Even if it has a barrier material itself, due to the long-term storage and the influence of its stacking place, this part of the structure becomes the hardest hit area. 

So we have to pay attention to the following points:

First, do not use excessive force or exceed the load-bearing range of the pp hollow sheet during use. Do not throw the pp hollow board product on the ground when using it, or drag it on the ground; different items can be customized with different weights of corflute sheet, which can greatly extend its service life.

The second point is to treat the medium that will cause corrosion problems and eliminate the harmful medium. These methods are relatively simple and the effect is immediate.

Third, avoid exposure to the sun or rain. Although the corrugated plastic sheets can be waterproof and moisture-proof, it is also a degree of attention. It is not allowed to throw the pp fluted sheet product outdoors for long-term exposure or rain, which will greatly shorten the service life.

Fourth, the chemical protection law. The appearance of the pp corrugated sheets is used as the cathode of the damaged object to protect it from erosion, so it is also called the cathodic protection method. This method is generally used less.

The fifth point is the chemical blocking method. This method is to use the principle of the primary battery to achieve the protection of the appearance of the corrugated plastic sheets material, as long as the elimination of chemical corrosion can achieve the purpose, which is one of the most common maintenance methods for manufacturers.

Finally, pay attention to the cleaning method of the polypropylene corrugated sheets,


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