Notes for pp hollow sheet production

- Dec 29, 2018-

polypropylene corrugated hollow plastic sheet

PP plastic hollow sheet is a new type of environmental protection packaging materials, long service life, is 4-10 times more than carton corrugatted, recyclable, widely used in the logistics packaging industry, in order to ensure the quality of PP hollow board products, what should we pay attention to when processing and forming it?

1. The equipment must be clean and tidy

For the hollow sheet, no other resin is allowed to exist in the hopper, barrel or nozzle, otherwise it will affect its transparency or other properties. Accordingly, conditional unit should use special equipment to undertake processing as far as possible, or use special material cylinder, screw, nozzle, if do not have this possibility, can adopt tear open wash method or undertake cleaning with resin.

2. Clean the mold part

Because the existence of grease kind can affect the diapacity of hollow board not only, and still can increase the craze problem of hollow board, reason asks to be swabbed clean before forming each part such as mould cavity, runner, root of model hole, corner, cent face, ejector board.

3, resin particles must be clean and tidy

In order to prevent electrostatic dust absorption, dust adheres to the surface of particles, and then exposed in the hollow plate by light refraction, it is required to pay attention to the packaging appearance, surrounding and container cleaning before opening the packaging. Operators should also pay attention to their own cleaning. For opened packaging particles, attention should be paid to inspection, and the remaining particles should be carefully encapsulated, to create convenient conditions for reuse.


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