How to Make Corrugated Plastic Sheet

- Nov 18, 2018-

bulk pp corrugated plastic sheets

The shape of the corrugated plastic sheet has a rectangular shape, a square shape, a circular shape, and an S shape. The color of the coroplast sheet is white, black, gray, green, blue, and the like. Why does the correx sheet have so many shapes and colors? The article will introduce in detail.

Step1: Sample Preparation

Make samples according to the size and color of the corflute sheet required by the customer, and wait until the customer confirms that there is no error before production.

Step2: Raw Material

Choosing the raw materials for making corrugated plastic boards, the best quality coroplast sheets are 100% raw materials, and the use of different raw materials for corflute board is different.

Step3: Mixing Materials

Add the raw materials of the PP hollow board to the mixer according to the proportion of the raw materials on the work order.

Step4: Machine Adjustment

Since the production line of the PP corrugated sheet is fully automatic, it is only necessary to add the raw material of the coroplast sheets to the raw material barrel, adjust the mold, pull, set the temperature and height of the machine.

Step5: Extrusion Forming

The correx sheets from the automatic production machine have basically been completed, and if there are other requirements for the PP hollow sheet, additional processing is required.

Step6: Semi-finished Products Inspection

According to the sample made in the first step, check whether the produced coroplast sheets is qualified.

If it is necessary to make the corrugated plastic sheet into a coroplast box, it also needs to die cutting, printing and assembled in three steps.

The above is the production process of the corflute sheets.


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