How to Make a Coroplast Sign

- Oct 25, 2018-

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Coroplast is a flexible plastic sheet, non-toxic, resistance to heat, inert and doesn’t react to chemical, solvent, waterproof and very light weighted. Coroplast is also known as corflute, corrugated plastic, correx, and fluted polypropylene.

Coroplast products have found used in various include like medical, pharmaceutical, advertising, and food industry. Corrugated plastic is used in advertisement made it very popular as it is used in signage for business especially real estate ‘for sale” signs, political campaign and various other industry. Though coroplast is not as durable like other means of advertisement like a billboard, corflute can stay as new as old if maintained properly. The corflute signs are majorly attached to stand and place but indoors and outdoors. The corrugated plastic sheet comes as translucent and can design to taste with print and images. The beautiful aspect is that this signpost can be done in the convenient of your house saving more cost as coroplast is an inexpensive sheet itself. Click here to wholesale coroplast signs online from Jianxin corrugated plastic manufacturer.

DIY on How to Make a Coroplast Sign?


Coroplast sheets, circular saw, fine-grit sandpaper, UV- resistant, plastic primer, 1-inch pan head wood screws, Masking vinyl, washers.

  • STEP      1

Determine the size of the corflute signpost you want to construct, cut the coroplast sheet to the desired size for your sign. Sand the edges smooth.

  • STEP      2

Use the primer approved for the plastic, spray on a coat of primer. You can get the primer at a hardware store or painter supply store.

  • STEP      3

Apply masking vinyl on the corrugated plastic sign, trace and cut out the message or images you want on your correx sign post in one color first then you can do separate masking and paint for each color you wish on the post.

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