How to improve the quality of hollow sheet

- Dec 21, 2018-

Waterproof plastic hollow sheets

The quality of hollow sheet is the important factor that the manufacturer competes in the market, and the market is more and more to the requirement of hollow sheet, hollow board needs to have bigger promotion on quality, what respect should the manufacturer improve the quality of hollow board from?


(1) production technology research, promotion and improvement of production technology can bring about better quality of hollow plate and improve the production efficiency, which include all the process from raw material to finished product in the process, technological parameters and operation methods, and process control in the hollow board, control of temperature, pressure and velocity at each stage is the most critical factor.


(2) hollow slab structure: equal wall thickness, circular arc or bevel transition is must follow the principles of structure design of hollow plate, and the different mechanical properties of hollow plate by changing the shape of cross section is the main way to achieve it, if can be improved to optimize the design of the structure, can improve strength, evenly distributed load, avoid stress concentration and so on purpose!


(3) hollow plate material and formula: for hollow plate, production material is the decisive factor of hollow plate quality and production stability, which includes the design relationship between raw materials and formula. The purpose of formula design is to optimize the additives, reasonable collocation and finally achieve the low cost and high performance of formula composition!


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4. Usage

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