How to distinguish the quality of the hollow board

- May 22, 2018-

turnover box and pp corrugated sheet roller中空板的应用1. To select a regular and reliable enterprise is very important, because the quatity  is guaranteed. If you go to a vendor without a business license, There may be quality, color, hollow plate surface problems.


2. The selection of the price is to compare the price in the market.

Inform  the manufacturer the thickness, the density or weight,the size, the color, and so on,.Then let the vendor send out the sample you need, and t compare the price and the quality.


3. Identify the surface of the hollow sheet.

(1) The good hollow sheet surface is very flat.And the bad sheet can appear uneven on the surface.

(2)Check the hollow sheet surface color and glossy. The best plastic hollow plate is made with the prime material, high gloss color, more uniform, no spot, spot problems; relatively black hollow plate material surface smooth and bright characteristics.

(3) when the water is painted on the surface, after a period of time, it is observed whether the plastic hollow plate has the phenomena of penetrating and pan green. If the above problems exist, the epidermis is usually thinner, and the antistatic hollow plate can also be used to verify the index by the electrostatic tester


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