How to calculate the size of pp corrugated box

- Jan 06, 2019-

collapsible corrugated plastic boxes

A lot of customers sent a size said: we want this size of the hollow board box. The customer will have an ignorant circle when further verifying whether it is outer size or inner size. Or the length, width to a range, will be screened after the product sent to the past and said that the height is not suitable.

If the amount of the given size of the hollow box is not large, or it has been determined to find a suitable size of the hollow box from the existing market hollow box, the following needs to be determined:

1. Put the maximum length, maximum width and maximum height of the articles in the hollow board box, which size is the highest requirement; The interior dimensions of the hollow box can be inferred.

2. The weight of each item, the maximum number of pieces per box, or the bearing range of the whole box.

Some customers will provide the inner dimension and request the wall thickness. Because of the structural design requirements of the tension bars of the hollow board box and the shrinkage of plastic products in the production process, the wall thickness can only be regarded as a reference, and cannot be used as the main parameter to measure the bearing capacity of the hollow board box.

Some of the hollow board boxes are used in the logistics transport process, at this time also consider the size of the pallet used with the fit, the size of the transport vehicle compartment.

Any inquiry of pp corrugated box,kindly please inform me as below.

1. Size (Length*width*height)

2. Thickness and Density/Weight(GSM)

3. Color  

4. Printing

5. Will be highly appreciated if you can enclose your sample or pictures or drawing.


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