Hollow sheet maintenance tips

- Jun 29, 2018-

2-8 MM pp corrugated box agriculture application中空板的应用When the milk is expired, it turns sour, which increases the amount of lactic acid in the milk, a natural detergent that cleans the hollow sheet. In addition, the protein content in milk box of fat and other substances, can form a layer of protective film on the hollow board, not only the plank if brightness is new, and can protect the plate surface will not be excessive wear or scratching. The grease in the milk is rubbed on the surface of hollow board, and the hollow board is used to maintain the original color, which is not easy to decolor or change color, and is not easy to deform the board.

When cleaning the hollow slab, first pour the expired milk into the basin, then add twice as much water to dilute it. Wet the cloth and then wring it dry. If the amount of expired milk is large, wipe it with milk once a week.

In the life, a lot of everyday things can play the role of maintaining hollow board. For example, the rice washing water contains coarse fiber, potassium and starch. After one or two rinses, the rice washing water is weak acidic and can remove dirt and clean it well.

Finally remind everybody, cleaning and maintenance hollow board application neutral detergent, do not allow the use of sunshine board with erosion of detergents, additional requirements with a soft cloth or sponge to add neutral liquid gently scrub, finally must rinse thoroughly with water


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