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- Apr 18, 2019-

      Dongguan Pengfeng Hollow Board Turnover Box Company has set up factories for 10 years and has been paying attention to service and quality. It has been unanimously recognized by many Fortune 500 companies, relying on the company's four core advantages:

      1. Design a reasonable plan, and consider the source from the source, saving costs and improving quality.

      2. Proofing in time, in order to avoid the slowness and dimensional inaccuracy of manual samples in the industry, and help customers save mold costs, the computer automatic proofing machine is used to successfully solve the above pain points for customers.

      3. A number of high-speed drawing board production lines, starting from the plastic raw materials to adopt a reasonable formula, to ensure quality and reasonable cost reduction.

      4. The production process is strictly in accordance with the ISO9001 system, and the process version is updated every year to meet the quality requirements of customers at different stages of development.

Contact : Mr.Morris Yu (Sales manager)

Email: sales1@corrugatedsheet-cn.com   pengfeng@corrugatedsheet-cn.com

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