Hollow board primary construction process

- Apr 28, 2019-


1. Elastic line: According to the elevation of the drawing and the azimuth dimension of the sun visor ceiling and the measured center line, the main skeleton bearing line of the hollow board roof is ejected.

2. Pre-embedded parts: According to the main frame orientation of the hollow board roof of the elevation control line, check whether the elevation of the external beam on the reverse beam meets the planning requirements. If there is any difference, it should be dug or leveled with high-strength cement mortar. After reaching the strength, press Deepen the planning node detail to pre-embed the steel plate scale to release the auger bolt azimuth line, then drill the expansion bolt, the device steel plate and the expansion bolt fixed. The main skeleton center line is then cast onto the embedded steel plate.

3.hollow plate device main skeleton: according to the main skeleton orientation line of the pop-up hollow plate roof, the two centers are installed first, and the method is as follows: after the main frame of 60mm×60mm×3mm square steel pipe (galvanized) is assembled on the roof, manpower is used. Placed on the bearing line, the vertical plane is suspended by the line, and the center is temporarily fixed and then welded to the embedded steel plate. After the two main skeletons are well secured, three vertical lines are drawn at the center and two sides of each side at a height of 1500 mm (upward from the two ends of the steel plate), and then one by one from one end to the other end to complete.

4. Sub-framework of the device: After the main skeleton device of the hollow plate roof is fixed, the hollow plate of the device is covered with a 60mm×60mm×3mm square steel sub-frame, and the orientation is adjusted. After leveling, it is welded and fixed with the main frame. A moisture-proofing agent is placed together with the hollow plates of the device.

5. The outer layer of the device is hollow: according to the deepening planning and layout orientation, the outer 20mm thick sun plate with appropriate dimensions is prepared for installation.

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