Environmental characteristics of polypropylene packaging materials

- Aug 15, 2018-

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Nowadays, most of the products of the manufacturers will use the packing boxes. Everyone says that the use of pp hollow sheet packaging materials is environmentally friendly, but some users may not understand that, how can plastic hollow plates be related to environmental protection?

1. The raw material insulating board: there are many kinds of hollow board, PP hollow board, PE hollow board, PVC hollow sheet, PC plastic hollow board, etc., PC hollow slab is a common building materials, several other belong to packaging materials, non-toxic, non-polluting raw materials based on PP hollow board, tasteless, moistureproof, corrosion resistance, such as the characteristics of the PP, can see hollow board of environmental protection.


2. the perspective of the advantages of packaging materials: nowadays, the hollow board has replaced the dominant position of carton, wooden box and other packaging materials on the packaging materials. The hollow board is more durable than paper and can be recycled, which can reduce the packaging cost of enterprises and reduce the application of wood and paper packaging materials.


3. The characteristics of PP hollow sheet, PP hollow plate product can be recycled and used repeatedly, and it can be recycled into old materials for repeated production and use if it exceeds its service life or is damaged.


4. The perspective of production process, the hollow plate formula will contain an addition of degradable agent, which will respect the customer's requirement to add, and the product will be naturally degradable after reaching the service life.


Some friends say that PP plastic hollow board does not belong to the environmental protection packaging materials, the main understanding of environmental protection everyone is different, after the above aspects do not know whether you understand the characteristics of the environmental protection hollow board.


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