does pp hollow sheet need open mold

- Jan 10, 2019-

pp copolymer corflute sheet

Hollow sheet customization is strong, can do partition, pad, and all kinds of turnover box, size customization and other characteristics! We must often contact the packaging turnover in this aspect of the turnover box injection!


The size of the box is basically the normal size, if you want to fit the required size, there is almost no! It wants to make order, and the requirement that make to order is quantity is big, add a mould cost.The mould is very expensive,nearly 10 thousand RMB.

It is why many clients donot choose .


From the emergence of the hollow box, the need to customize the size of the box enterprises slowly began to accept the hollow box, first, the hollow box custom size, no high cost of mold production, only a few hundred pieces,die cost, and cost-effective!

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