Classification of corrugated board

- May 23, 2018-

Profiled steel sheets are usually classified according to their application, wave height, lap structure and material. The common classifications of corrugated boards are as follows:


(1) According to the application .pp corrugated sheet.jpg

It can be divided into roof panels, wall panels, floor panels and ceiling panels. Corrugated board is used in the same time to use color steel plate to make wall decoration board, the architectural decoration effect is relatively new and unique.


(2) According to wave height.

 It can be divided into high wave plate (>70mm), medium wave plate (<70mm) and low wave plate (<30mm).


(3) According to the material of the substrate,.

It can be divided into hot-dip galvanized substrate, hot dip aluminum zinc and hot-dip galvanized aluminum substrate.


(4) Corrugated board manufacturers are classified according to the way of joint construction, including lap, undercut and buckling structure. It should be used as a roof panel with high waterproof requirements, with a high wave plate and a high wave plate galvanized plate with a cover plate, and the lapped low wave plate should be used as a wall panel.


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