can pp hollow sheet be used as a display rack

- Jan 16, 2019-

pp corrugated display stand

Hollow sheet is a kind of board, board can do billboard? Can the board be used as a display rack? Can boards be used as voting platforms? The answer is yes! Hollow plate can satisfy billboards, display shelf voting requirements, billboard is advertising, advertising is generally outside, it must go through the wind blowing rain, light and hollow board, waterproof and moistureproof suitable for outdoor survival, reveal frame certainly need beautiful appearance, to attract the eyes of the guest, hollow plate color is rich, beautiful color, can customize according to the need and affordability, save costs!

From empty plate billboard's value, the value of it with the same kind of solid foam board made of advertising board, compared the function of it is equal or better, but the price on the quantitative, hollow plate is far less than the cost of solid foam board and other products, and the tide of commodity update soon, show the tools they are updated, so the advantage of the hollow board advertising board is obvious, and made of corrugated board advertising plate have personality, it can be customized according to customer demand, clever collocation.

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