Attention when using hollow sheet

- Aug 17, 2018-

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First, do not use too much force or beyond the bearing range. Do not drop the hollow plate product on the ground or drag it on the ground. Different items can be customized for different weights, which can greatly extend their service life.


Second, the treatment of the medium causing corrosion problems and the elimination of harmful media are relatively simple, and the results are also immediate.


Third, avoid exposure to the sun or rain. Although can waterproof and moisture-proof, but is also attention, cannot throw the product in the outdoor for a long time to carry on insolation or rain, such meeting shortens service life greatly.


Fourth, chemical protection act. The appearance is used as the cathode of the damaged object so that it is free from erosion, hence the cathodic protection method, which is generally used in a small way.


Fifth, chemical containment. This method is to use the principle of the original battery to guarantee the appearance of the material, as long as the elimination of chemical corrosion can be achieved, which is one of the most common maintenance methods of the manufacturer.


Sixth, attention should be paid to the cleaning method, which should be carried out orderly according to the steps, as follows:


1. Put the hollow plate to be cleaned into the cleaning room of the container, and then dip the dish cloth into the cleaner to clean the handle, Angle and bottom of the box.


2. Dip the dishcloth into the cleaner, and clean the flat part of the box in the order from inside to outside and from up to down.


3. Wash the container with water for three times. Soak the container in water for about  3 cm.

4. Generally use the wipe method for disinfection and use the disinfectant.


5. After disinfection, the hollow plate shall be placed in the container cleaning room for natural drying, and the date and validity of cleaning and disinfection shall be filled in. Clean in time with correct method to ensure normal operation


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