Application of anti - static hollow sheet

- Dec 06, 2018-

4x8 polypropylene plastic coroplast sheet

With the continuous development of anti-static hollow board function, the application field and application range of hollow board are more and more extensive, among which the application in billboards is a new technological innovation. The characteristics of anti-static hollow board determine its advantages as an advertising board:

1, hollow structure: the hollow structure of anti-static hollow board is grid, so it is also called grid hollow board, easy to use up light, easy to stick up easy to take.

2, strong plasticity: the surface is smooth and smooth, easy to color, easy to print, through discharge and other special treatment into a high-quality corona hollow plate, transparency and coloring performance is strengthened.

3, waterproof and moisture-proof: can make the plate durable, no penetration, no corrosion, no moth and other phenomena.

4. Stable physical and chemical structure: the special structure of anti-static hollow plate has such excellent mechanical properties as good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength, shock absorption, high rigidity, good bending performance and so on.

5, price cost: the use of hollow board advertising printing consumables, low cost, effective cost savings enterprises.

6, green environmental protection: non-toxic and tasteless, using PP polypropylene as raw material, to reach the national food level, the use of the environment without any pollution.

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