Corrugated Plastic Recycle Bins

Corrugated Plastic Recycle Bins

corrugated plastic recycling bin containers are an economical, durable replacement for molded plastic, metal, and cardboard recycling bins. The bins are manufactured from double-layer, twin-wall corrugated plastic in polyethylene or polypropylene. Lids available upon request.

Product Details

A cost-effective and reusable alternative to corrugated cardboard

1. 100% recyclable

2. Lid Included

3. Lid Available, Sold Separately

4. Hand Holes For Easier Handling

5. Wrapped Hand Holes For Easier Handling

6. Four Wrapped Hand Holes for Easier Handling

7. Chemical, Water & Impact Resistance

8. Economical, Reusable & Recyclable

9. Sonic welded for added durability and hand holes for easy transporting.

10. Sonic Welded For Durability

11. Lightweight

12. Screen printing & customized options available

13. Auto Lock/Snap Bottom

14. Knockdown Design


Recommended Product Applications




Corrugated plastic bins for recycling are available in standard colors: red, yellow, green, blue, black, white, grey and natural, as well as custom plastic colors. 

Any inquiry of pp corrugated sheet ,kindly please inform me as follow

1. Size (length*width*thickness)

2. Color

3. Usage

4. Will be highly appreciated if you can enclose your sample or pictures or drawing.


kindly please call me.

Contact :Morris Yu (Sales manager)


Moblile: +86 134 6250 6270

whatsapp:+86 134 6250 6270


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