General And Antistatic Corrugated Sheets Container

General And Antistatic Corrugated Sheets Container

Line specially to prevent them from shocking and damaging and to release static charges in time.The container can be designed and made according to componets size to realize reasonable loading and overlappping so as to make good use of plant,warehouse and workshop area,increase components storage amount andreduce warehousing cost.It is applied for higher required situation.

Product Details

Technical parameter of antistatic and general container:

Surface ResistanceΩ/㎡≤1×10(9-11)≥1×10(14)
The thickness of themm3mm4mm
Stretch force N≥250≥300
Plane compressing forceN≥900≥1000
Verical compressing forceN≥150≥350
Bretch off stretching rate%≥50≥50

Colour guide:

Color codeColor nameColor codeColor nameColor code
Color name
NT-001NaturalRD-003Red LBB-016LightB.B
YL-005YellowGR-014Apple GreenBC-016Black
BE-008BeigePO-004Pastel orangeTB-012Sapphire blue
BY-006Brimstone yellowSP-005Shallow mei redIB-012Ice bule
MY-007Medium yellowLI-006Light purpleMN-013Mint green
OR-008OrangeLB-010Lake blueLG-017Light Grey

The advantages of hollow sheets:

1 100% evironmental protection packaging materials

    The continuous development and progress of modern society,and environmental protection material in the rising of people's lives get consensus .PP plastic corrugated sheets(commom weighs corrugated board) is the use of copolymerization polypropylene productive materials ,antistatic materials and resistance to ultraviolet ray ,do feature modifications have qualitative light, impact resistance multicolor,waterproof.oil resistance and other adcantages,its non-toxicclean,food GMP standard.The product can be repeated use regeneration,and reduction ,is the material that can meet the demand of the future.Plastic corrugated sheet's unique features by market favour.

2 Price absolute advantage price

    Dongguangerber clumsy materials technilogy Co.,Ltd in the corrugated board industry with unique management mechanismand and judgment,caution of the adcanced production quipment ,strict control measures.Significantly reduce the manpower,material resources and the cost of consumption.In the fierce market competition has a strong prduct price advantage ,provide for the customer.The mose really plastic corrugated sheets and corrugated sheets turn over box products.

Plastic corrugated sheets features:

1 Good mechanical properties

    The specialstructure of plastic corrugated sheets,make its have good toughness,impact resistance,high compressive strength,buffer shockproof ,very high hardness,bending performance good,such as excellent mechanical properties.

2 Let materials saving

    Plastic corrugated sheet mechanics performance is good,to achieve the same effect,compared to the use of plastic corrugated sheets material consumption,low cost ,ligh weight.

3 Heat insulation,sound insulation

    Due to the hollow structure of the corrugatedsheets,make its heat transfer and sound transmission effect is signigicantly lower than the solid sheet,with good heat insulation,sound insulation effect.

4 Anti-static,conductive,flame retardant

    The methods of modification,mixing,serface spraying can make plastic corrugated sheets has anti-static,conductive,or the performance of the flame retardant

5 Chemical performance is stable

    Plastic corrugated sheets can waterproof ,moistureprof,anticorrosion,insect corrosion,fumigation-free has obvious advantages compared with board,board.

6 The surface is smooth and beaut iful,color is complete

    Due to the special molding process plastic corrugated sheets,though the color masterbach can be any color,and the surface is smooth,easy to printing.

7 Environmental protection effect is obvious

    Plastic corrugated sheets has the characteristics of non-toxic,no pollution,waste processing is simple,won't cause pollution to the environment .Still can recycling,used for other plastic products.

Any inquiry of pp corrugated sheet ,kindly please inform me as follow

1. Size (length*width*thickness)

2. Thickness and Density/Weight(GSM)

3. Color

4. Usage

5. Will be highly appreciated if you can enclose your sample or pictures or drawing.

kindly please call me.

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